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Paragraph Outline

Hi guys! Today we are going to talk a bit about the outline of a paragraph. You already know that a good paragraph should have an introduction, a development and a conclusion, and you know that without these basic “ingredients”, it would not be complete.
I suggested that you all wrote about living in Brasília and I provided you with the supporting ideas for the development. This is how the paragraph should look like:


But wait a minute! What do all those “Xs” represent? They are actually the detailed information you should provide for each supporting idea plus the information you are going to add in the introduction and in the conclusion. That means that besides providing 3 different supporting ideas, you should comment and add details, facts and examples related to each of the supporting ideas with the purpose to reinforce the idea just mentioned. In the case of the introduction it is important that you include some additional information and not only the topic sentence. It is as if you were preparing the reader for the main idea you want to write about in the paragraph. For the conclusion you should keep in mind what I said on the first post ( “The conclusion is the final section of the paragraph and it summarizes the connections between the information discussed in the body of the paragraph and the paragraph topic sentence.”)
So , does your paragraph look like that? An outline is how we call the structure of a paragraph and it helps the writer visualize what ideas that are going to be included in the writing. Here is a simple example that ,if followed, is definitely going to help you organize better your ideas.

Introduction: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________( write some information to prepare the reader)
+_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(topic sentence)

1st Supporting idea : ______________________________________________________________

facts, details, examples

2. 2nd Supporting idea_______________________________________________________________

facts, details, examples

3. 3rd Supporting idea______________________________________________________________

facts, details, examples

Conclusion : _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(brief summary+ any additional idea that could be used to wrap up the paragraph)

So, how about trying to improve the paragraph you wrote last week? Take a look at your first attempt to write about living in Brasília and re-organize your ideas using this model outline. When you are finished, post it here so that everyone can read it and be inspired by the way your developed your ideas!

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  1. Brasília is a great place to live because we have green areas, less traffic jam and a variety of entertainement.First, because it's classified by UNESCO as a humanity heritage. So, we have the green areas preserved. Second, the city was completely planned to stand for car traffic, although nowadays it isn't working because of the high numbers of cars. And finally, there's a variety of entertainement to live single or in family. Sure you can't compare to São Paulo entertainement, but we have a good sample of this. You can find discos, pubs, restaurants, parks and malls for example. To conclude, Brasília has a life quality that we have to take into account if it's necessary to choose some brazilian city to live. (Alexandra)

  2. If you look for a high quality of life Brasília is a great place to live according
    to people who lives there .Its large greeen
    areas and avenues become the air less poluted
    than other capitals in Brazil adding these po
    sitive reasons , its possible you have a perfect view of the sunset in diferent places
    such as Lago paranoá or Parque da cidade .
    . Because of this , you can be sure (not finished)Francisco

  3. Brasília is a capital from Brasil contry and has constructed in 1950 by Jucelino Kubtchec president and Oscar Niermaer archictec. This city has planned to be a city with easy transportation, near places, and quality live better. Brasilia gwowed up some problems but is a great place to live yet.
    Brasilia has a lot of green areas: city park, olhos d'agua park, and another two. They are near of city and the people like walk, run and do sports in this parks.
    Brasíia has planned to be easy move in a city and there are a lots of ways for this. There is a street called "eixão" you can cross the city and arrive to somewhere in a "plano piloto".
    Brasília has a lot of entertainment options how bars, partys, theathers, turists places how congress, Supreme Cort, Kubitchek memorial and a much.
    Brasilia isn't more like how was biult. It is more people, the traffic jam is difficult some times but here is a good place. The another citys in Brasil are worse and the quality life isn´t so good like Brasília. Brasília has a better quality life from Brasil contry.

  4. Currently,with the incrising of metropolitan cities, the towns that used to be confortable and liveble have became crownded and stressful.On the other hand,Brasília continues to be a great place to live.This modern and planned city reunites several organised green areas that could offer the real contact with enviroment and a support to healthy activities. Other positive point of living in this capital is the fast access to most places, because the large structure of streets and the easy planned specific locations help the fluency of our traffic.(...INCOMPLETE!)

    Varied entertainment options

  5. If you look for high quality of life and intend
    to live in a place for a long time , Brasilia
    is a great place to live according to people
    who has lived here .Its large green areas and avenues become the air less poluted than the other capitals in Brazil . In addition , it is possible you have a perfect view of the sunset in diferent places such as Lago Paranoa or Parque da Cidade and you still have an opened view of the horizon in some diferent places . Moreover, in Brasilia is not dificult to get a well paid job if you have some qualification. Because of this , Surely Brasilia can not be a perfect place but there are a lot of reasons to live in this city .